Sunday, December 21, 2008

From the Vault

I dug into the photo vault for some treasures...

Since my Mom did such a good job with the early years, and Rob covered High School, I will focus on post-college days. The picture below must have been post-college, but Sam's T-shirt dates from senior year of high school: the official team shirt from Captain Crunch and the Crunch Island Crew. A come from behind dark horse team that strode to the finals, lasting far longer than they had any right to: the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions! This is a true collector's item and has never before been seen on the internets. (Who's that guy on the left?)

The next poto draws from a great canoe camping trip to the Adirondacks shortly after graduating college. Sam and I took a weekend trip and were bitten by every type of insect known to man, and some that still remain nameless (actually, we had quite a few choice words for the mosquitoes, but this is a 'family' blog).

A few months later we were living in San Francisco with Greg Pulier. I had considered seeking my fame in Baltimore, but Sam convinced me that living was easy on the west coast. This picture represents that period with a collage of 'found objects' from our apartment on Cole St. near the panhandle. Onle one of us (Sam) had an actual 'job' requiring the wearing of shoes, and, occasionally, storing them with shoe trees. The burrito commemorates many, many trips to Zona Rosa and 'Burrito Hill' - the staff of life! Dylan, hiding in the background, was part of the soundtrack to our no-TV lifestyle. (There was a 'Kill Your Television' bumper sticker posted in the John right next to the transcript of Marion "B*tch set me up!" Barry).

This next picture has very little to do with Sam, but everything to do with fame. I had to travel hard and long to get this photo, but it was well worth it. I figured it was time to share the love. Enjoy the splendor!

Finally, I am sure Sam is as happy to be turning 40 as he was this day at Candlestick Park!

As Sam's oldest friend, it's an honor to be able to mark the 4th decade. Over the years I've enjoyed being able to connect and re-connect. Here's to another 4 decades!

Happy Birthday, Sam!

(AKA The Decisionator)

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