Sunday, December 21, 2008

who is this man?

What to make of a guy who shows up for a blind date on a bicycle? Between that, the long hair, your love of opera, and that you had no interest whatsoever in me, I decided you had to be gay. But no. Not so easy. It was, after all, San Francisco, and most of the twentyish guys had long hair, went to the opera and had no interest in me (especially so the straight ones). So then I decided you were one of the Fusco Brothers. You were certainly as funny as those guys. And aren’t they from somewhere near Teaneck? Learning that your birthdate was December 24 gave me a new thought. He’s Jesus. Getting married and having kids isn’t supposed to be part of the second coming, though, is it?

My friend Holly, once said about you: “He has a face that should be on the cover of magazines.” You laughed when I told you. But I decided she was right, and wondered for a while, what magazine? GQ? People? Nah. Too mainstream. Bicycling? Too limited. Over the years, the cover choices progressed. The Daily Californian? Not unless you protested in Peoples’ Park. PC Week or Wired? Too corporate. But how about this one, just for you, on the occasion of your 40th birthday: Seventeen.

Have a wonderful birthday …and many more!

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