Monday, December 22, 2008

The Starishevsky Clan

Dear Sam,

You are so old. How did that happen so fast? At least you still have a good head of hair. I would tell the "like I am really going to tell" story, but I am sure Louise already has it posted. It only came up four times at Thanksgiving this year. We miss you and wish you were closer. Don't forget you owe us a trip east.

other memories that come to mind...Daisy, that big tree in your back yard by the porch, and the time that we lit dan's room on fire during the chemistry set ulitmate experiment (combine all chemicals in the set and throw matches liberally), the fact that you and teresa were the first to meet my little jilly....reminiscing bout all the forts we used to build in our basement out of the blankets our grandfather sewed, where you and elisabeth used to hide when it was time to go home to new jersey!!!

love, ted

Dear Sam,
This is sweet Rita. My famous story about you includes you and your sister. We were all going to the Stars, your mother and father had picked me and Pearl up. You and Elisabeth were in the back seat and Elisabeth was biting off your ear. I was very upset and said something to Pearl, she didnt respond to my concern, I then told your parents about what was happening and neither of y our parents were concerned,so I thought if the parents arent concerned why am I.
That is my famous Sam story.
I want to wish you a very happy and healthy birthday and in 40 years we will all tell another story.
Stay Well
Rita aka Sweet Rita

Hey sammie!!

it's me ellie!...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!!! I have only one very important thing to say to you on your birthday...and that's BLADDER SHLATTER!!! need I say more? I remember that sunny summer day on Baldie mountain in the Adirondack mountains with uncle joe on the gondola that made that famous noise...b..l..a...dder ...s..h...l...adder....which inducted us into our B.S. Club! MEMBERS FOREVER are we sammie!...I love you, and wish you the happiest of birthdays filled with love, laughter, light, peace, health and happiness!!!

love n light, cuz ellie

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