Thursday, December 18, 2008

With apologies to Dr. Seuss...

I am Sam.
Sam I am.
I do not want to get a job
And join the slavish corporate mob.
I’ll toil at home in my garage,
All by myself, sans entourage.
I fear the boss might be a jerk.
I do not want to go to work!

Would you go to work by car?
While listening to NPR?
I would not, could not, drive you see,
That’s way too much KQED.
Then why not carpool, share the ride?
Through H.O.V. lanes you would glide!
I would not, could not go by carpool.
Rush hour madness is too dreadful!

A train! A train!
Would you, could you, on a train?
Why not BART to San Francisco,
Then connect to MUNI Metro?
I could not, would not, on a train
Public transit’s such a pain!
I do not think it would be jolly
Riding in a crowded trolley.

Not by a train, or street car,
San Francisco’s way too far.
Leaving home is just too hard.
I want to stay in my backyard!
I will not sit inside a cube,
Staring at a cathode tube.
What a dismal occupation,
Slaving for some corporation.

Corporate life is so insulting,
Better earn my pay consulting.
Commuting's truly not for me,
I’ll work at home – you let me be!
I would rather seek enjoyment
In the world of self-employment.
Life’s too short to waste you see,
‘Specially now that I’m forty!

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