Monday, December 15, 2008

A toast to Sam on his fortieth birthday

Dear Sam,

How can I ever forget our summer weeks spent in the Adirondacks? You were a smart little kid, a loudmouth who had lots of questions and many answers. In short, you were adorable! Do you remember paddling the canoes to Driftwood Beach or climbing Baldy Mountain, you running ahead of all of us to the top? How about walking in the evening to the Lake Store to buy some kitschy souvenir. I think that is where you and Elisabeth got to know Ellen, Ted and Dan so well. Of course, there were many trecks between Teaneck and Huntington where you guys hung out together.

You are dear to my heart. You have become one terrific person,A fine, with a great sense of humor, dedicated, someone any parent or aunt and uncle would be proud of. You have a wonderful wife and two adorable children. Still it is hard to believe that the youngest of the five cousins is turning forty. As they say in Spanish when toasting, "Salud, amor y dinero y tiempo para gustarlos."
Aunt Barbara and Uncle Reuby

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