Saturday, December 6, 2008

Really? 40? How did that happen?

"Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run." - Mark Twain

I was looking around for old pictures of Sam that would embarrass him. My thinking being that since I've known Sam for 26 or 27 years I should have some doozies. 

I couldn't find any (I think they are all at my parents' house) and then it hit me ... YEARBOOK!!!!

I pulled it out and the first thing I found was Sam's Senior Quote by Mark Twain which, while I thought it was clever, I couldn't really relate to Sam since he knows the value of education ... and soap. Maybe Sam will now explain the decades-old mystery of his selection.

Then I moved on to the pictures. First there is the main yearbook picture, which I am sorry to say that other than Sam's hair part down the middle is not all the embarrassing.

Then I found the National Honor Society officer pictures. But other than the fact that we had officers for groups like the National Honor Society so that we could shamelessly stuff our college transcripts with more activities, there wasn't much that was embarrassing about that one either. 

So all I was left with was a profile of Sam doing a math problem on the chalkboard. The profile does reveal a pretty decent Carol Brady hair swoop. I am really unsatisfied with the low level of embarrassment that it will cause Sam, but it is the best I've got. 

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that high school was not nearly as embarrassing for us as we might remember. It was actually pretty damn fun. 

We've been through a lot since 7th grade:
Teachers, good and bad
Drunken stupors at your parents' house (does Joe know about this yet?)
First girlfriends (and then boyfriends for me)
A bike ride or two where I thought I was gonna pass out
Moving west
Our mom's dying way too young
Kids (2 for you and Teresa and hopefully one for Tony and me soon) ...

But you still haven't sign my yearbook, you bastard!!! ;)

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